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Get heard above the noise!

Helping small businesses, non-profits, and solo-preneurs produce high quality podcasts to establish authority, create connections, and build relationships.

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What if you could get 30 minutes of undivided attention with the people you most need to connect with?

And what if you could get it every week?

Podcasts and audio books cut through the noise!

In an increasingly scattered world, podcasts and audio books help you fight distractions and create meaningful connections while you provide amazing value that people pay attention to. Wherever they are.

  • Social media is increasingly littered with ads and activities designed to create distraction and mindless activity.
  • Many free video platforms such as YouTube are increasingly filled with ads around, before, during, and after videos – assuming people even have time to sit to watch a video.
  • Email newsletters are increasingly caught by spam filters or relegated to “promotions” folders.
  • Blogs are hard to consume on the go and there are MILLIONS of them out there. And many people can’t sit down to read a long blog post – especially while driving or at work.

But unlike these, podcasts and audio books allow you to create a deep and meaningful connection in ways that other media fall short.

  • You get undivided attention. And you know that people chose to put your message into their ears.
  • People can take podcasts and audio books nearly anywhere they go to listen.
  • They don’t require any screen time.

What would happen if you could get their attention?

  • How would it make a difference in your life?
  • How could what you know make their lives better?

And is it worth it to cut through the noise?



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Get your message out to thousands of potential podcast listeners without having to record or edit anything yourself. I can be your secret weapon!

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Have a book you’d like to make available for busy people on the go? Let’s get your book recorded, mastered, and ready to go!

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What can quality audio engineering do for you?

What People Are Saying

After having spent some years in Christian radio, I was really blessed to see what was Bryan was doing, found his efforts very valuable, and he helped me launch my own podcast.

Not only did he offer guidance and insight, but did most of the heavy lifting on the backend, including getting me listed with iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, as well as content integration into my WordPress website.

My experience with Bryan has been a huge blessing to me and has expanded the scope of my contribution beyond what I could have done without him.

I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Bryan to anyone looking to take their content to new fields.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions.

Scott McClelland

Founder, Foundational Missions

I am the head sound engineer for Springhouse Worship and Arts Center. I have known Bryan for 7 years and have worked with him both as a musician and as the person responsible for the audio for Springhouse’s weekly podcast.

His work is superb and his understanding of audio and the fundamentals of recording are excellent. He is an extremely dedicated individual with very high personal and work standards.

I would highly recommend him for any audio or podcast needs.

Keith Cohl

Audio Engineer & Networking, Springhouse Worship & Arts Center

Drop Me a Line

Interested in learning more? Let’s chat!


Drop Me a Line

Interested in learning more? Let’s chat!