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Professional Podcast Production

I help people produce professional level podcasts so that they can establish authority, create connections, and change the world.

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You just recorded that great podcast episode. Maybe you finally booked that big-name guest you wanted, but more likely you had a genuine conversation with someone your audience would appreciate. Perhaps you just recorded your solo show or co-host chat about the subject you could spend days on.

Now comes the time to make it sound better for the world to enjoy.

Listening back – you hear all the crutch words, the weird audio anomaly, or maybe it just took a second take mid-session to get the gold out.

…or maybe you don’t want to listen back immediately to knock you down off your post-recording high. Ug, but you have to get that episode out!

I get that. Get it a lot actually.

I probably even hear the things you don’t that destroys podcast flow. I have the tools to do the job and the skills to get it done. I have this passion for great conversational audio that others outside our shared industry may think borders on obsession.

Why, because I’m a Professional Podcast Editor.

Luckily, our clients don’t think my obsession is all that bad.

I was referred to Bryan to produce my first series of live podcasts and could not have been happier with the service I received. Bryan was professional, punctual and extremely communicative throughout the process of setting up and producing the podcasts. I am also extremely happy with the sound quality of the live podcasts and I could not have done it without Bryan. Highly recommended!

Ben Johnson

Host, Perpetual Chess

This is what I do


Launch Your Podcast

Just getting started and need a hand? Get started with a firm foundation! I can help you plan and launch your podcast.

Engineer Your Podcast

Get your message out to thousands of potential podcast listeners without having to record or edit anything yourself. I can be your secret weapon!

Edit Your Podcast

Prefer to record on your own and have someone else handle the post-production? Let's get your podcast edited and ready to go!
  • Meet with you to discuss your show and your goals
  • Provide recommended resources and tools to help you get going
  • Set up Libsyn or Blubrry hosting accounts and pages on your behalf
  • Provide assistance in getting your show into podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts
  • Provide editing and feedback for your first three episodes (up to 60 minutes of raw audio each)
  • Provide you with a custom link for booking remote interviews with guests
  • Engineer your remote recording sessions, including sound checks
  • Provide you template materials to send your guests to help them sound great
  • Full audio production of final recording sessions to published episodes, including editing
  • Remove unwanted sections of audio
  • Add your pre-recorded audio branding and inserts such as ads
  • Audio repair such as noise reduction as needed
  • EQ and compress each track to improve sound and intelligibility
  • Mix everything together so that it sounds great
  • Master your audio to create an excellent listening experience
  • Add MP3 tags such as title and description to the final files
  • Upload your files to Libsyn or Blubrry and schedule for publishing
  • Provide suggestions on tools and equipment to improve or streamline your recording process
  • Partner with you to continuously improve
After having spent some years in Christian radio, I was really blessed to see what was Bryan was doing, found his efforts very valuable, and he helped me launch my own podcast. Not only did he offer guidance and insight, but did most of the heavy lifting on the backend, including getting me listed with iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, as well as content integration into my WordPress website. My experience with Bryan has been a huge blessing to me and has expanded the scope of my contribution beyond what I could have done without him. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Bryan to anyone looking to take their content to new fields. Feel free to reach out to me with questions. Scott McClelland

Founder, Foundational Missions

You know your time is spent best on the mic, promoting your past episodes, lining up future ones, or being a guest on similar shows (MARK’s bias here).

Do exactly that.

Let’s work in parallel to get more done and bring better content to your growing audience.

I’m not a cartoon avatar on fiverr. I’m here – and so are you. Ready to get started?


I am the head sound engineer for Springhouse Worship and Arts Center. I have known Bryan for 7 years and have worked with him both as a musician and as the person responsible for the audio for Springhouse’s weekly podcast. His work is superb and his understanding of audio and the fundamentals of recording are excellent. He is an extremely dedicated individual with very high personal and work standards. I would highly recommend him for any audio or podcast needs. Keith Cohl

Audio Engineer & Networking, Springhouse Worship & Arts Center

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