Have you ever been editing and realized that you’re accidentally editing the wrong section? Today I’m going to answer a question about that and share some different ways to approach it.

This question was asked in our Hindenburg Users’ Group on Facebook. If you’re a Hindenburg user, you can find us a hindyusers.com, which will redirect you to Facebook. Click “Join” and answer a couple of simple questions to apply to join the group.

I’ll read the question, explain what’s going on, and then share 3 different ways you can approach this.

How do you remove in/out points?

I often accidentally or purposefully select a region adding in/out points. But then I want to split a track or make another edit that ends up affecting the selected region rather than the selected track at the playhead. How can I remove the in/out or deselect a region?

  • Click a different region to remove the selection
  • Double click the region to deselect
  • Use the “Escape” key

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