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You're a professional. Your podcast should sound professional, too.


That's where I can help. Choose from our selection of professional podcast production packages or contact us for a custom solution built specifically for you. Engagements start as low as $625 per month for weekly shows.


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The pricing above is based on a weekly production schedule, minimum six months commitment, and pre-approved billing. Additional customized options are available for different production schedules. Please contact us for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which package is right for me?

If you're not sure what packages above will meet your needs, it would be best to set up a call to talk about your show and see what might work best for you?

What do your different editing styles mean?

Top Tier Editing:

In addition to the standard elements of mixing all of the audio together to sound great and be clearly audible, you will have the option to use an automated transcript to send content edits, you will receive Top Tier noise and distraction removal, and every possible verbal and conversational disfluency, such as “umm,” stammering, repeated phrases, and irrelevant tangents will be removed.

Excellent Editing:

In addition to the standard elements of mixing all of the audio together to sound great and be clearly audible, you can send content edit requests with time stamps, you will receive Excellent noise and distraction removal, and ~ 80% of verbal disfluencies such as “umm” and stammering will be removed.

Streamlined Editing:

In addition to the standard elements of mixing the audio together to sound great and be clearly audible, you can send content edit requests with time stamps, you will receive Streamlined noise and distraction removal, and any obvious issues such as long pauses will be removed.

What do you mean by "minutes" of audio?

Good question. This sometimes causes confusion.

“Minutes” of audio refer to any audio elements that might need any kind of processing for a specific episode. This could include the main content or segments, any episode-specific voiceover or segments, etc.

For interviews, panels, and multiple hosts, the minutes are measured concurrently, based on the longest file provided. 

It does NOT include any previously-created reusable elements such as a fully-produced intro, ads, bumpers, etc. Additionally, it does NOT refer to the fully-edited final version of the episode, whether longer or shorter than the original audio.

What if my show is always shorter than 20 minutes or published on a different schedule?

We have a special package available for solo shows that are less than 20 minutes of new audio per episode. You can contact us for special pricing for shows that are longer or have a different production schedule.

What if my episode runs long?

We offer a 10% overage allowance based on the editing plan you have selected. After that, there is an additional charge for additional duration for audio minutes in excess of the original plan, charged in increments of 15 minutes.

Note: The Short Single plan cannot exceed 35 minutes. 

Are there any kinds of shows you don't work on?

Yes. We focus on shows by professionals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. We do not produce shows focused on political or adult shows. We do not produce shows that would likely be marked as “Explicit” according to Apple Podcasts standards (i.e. no profanity).

Do you do NPR-style narrative editing?

No. We focus on linear editing for solo, cohost, panel, and interview-stile podcasts. We do not do narrative-style storytelling editing.

For that kind of production, you really need a collaborative producer in addition to a technical editor or podcast engineer.

Can you remove every single "umm" or distraction?

In a word, no. It's not possible, nor is it desirable, to remove every single “umm” or distraction. Based on your editing package, we will remove as much as is appropriate, so long as it does not change the content, the context, or the audio integrity of the edit.

Will you remove all of the breaths?

We advise against removing all of the breaths – it sounds unnatural.

However, we do reduce breaths that are loud or distracting and may remove individual breaths on an as-needed basis to improve the clarity or flow of the episode.

How long does podcast production take?

It depends. Our commitment is that episodes will be edited and ready for either the first review or publication within seven (7) days from when the last of the files for an episode are made available.

Files made available after normal business hours (after 5:oo PM Central Time, USA) will be considered available at the start of the following day.

We realize that sometimes life events may make files available later than usual. We will attempt to meet publication deadlines, if possible; however, additional charges may apply.

Can I add episodes to my schedule?

Yes, you can add episodes to your schedule. They will be billed at the average per-episode rate on a separate invoice.

Do you offer anything besides editing?

In addition to audio production, we offer a range of podcast management services and can often create a custom package to meet your needs. Schedule a call to discuss a custom proposal with us.

Can you mix persistent elements like intros or ads?

I can absolutely treat and mix these elements such as voiceovers, commercial music, or purchased sound effects on a one-off basis. Contact me for details or pricing.

Note: You are responsible for obtaining any necessary licensing for music and maintaining documentation.

What are your billing terms?

For normal production, we bill monthly in advance with payment due upon receipt.

What happens if my payment is late?

Late payment may result in late fees and work stoppage.

What about vacations and travel?

We will communicate any production interruptions in advance, when possible, to allow you to plan accordingly so that there are no interruptions to your publishing schedule.

We expect that you will also plan accordingly so that we can partner together to ensure that there are no interruptions if you are out during a normal publication week.

What kind of file will I receive?

Unless otherwise agreed, you will be delivered a mixed and mastered MP3 file at either 96 kbps mono and -19 LUFs or 128 kbps joint stereo and -16 LUFS. If the title, artwork, and description are available when the audio files are delivered, the appropriate file identification information will be added.

Am I required to list you in our credits?

While we appreciate any mentions, credit, or referrals, those are not required.

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