How to Remove In & Out Points in Hindenburg

Have you ever been editing and realized that you’re accidentally editing the wrong section? Today I’m going to answer a question about that and share some different ways to approach it.

What do the best podcast editors do?- 1KP0053

There’s a lot of confusion about what podcast editors do – and rightly so. Listen or watch to discover what the best podcast editors do – and it’s more than just cutting dialog.

Do this to save half of your export time in Hindenburg – 1KP0052

If you’re editing your podcast or production in Hindenburg, you might have noticed that it can take quite some time to export or publish - especially if it’s a complex production with a lot of effects where you need to match a loudness standard. Listen or watch to...

How to Create Custom Fades in Hindenburg

Hindenburg offers a really intuitive way to create simple fades. It’s as simple as click and drag. But if you want to customize the fade, it’s not quite as simple.

Watch this short video to discover how to quickly create custom fades in and out using Hindenburg Journalist or Journalist Pro.


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