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Have you gotten past the first round of technology hurdles to launch your podcast?

Maybe you have. Maybe you've even gotten to the place where it's second nature. But how can you know whether you're making content worth listening to and sharing?

Sure, you can wait for people to un-subscribe or leave a review. You can try to get outside perspective. And those are good. But there's also something you can do yourself.

Take a lesson from a traveling evangelist whose message didn't quite hit its mark and a former colleague, Larry, who drew from his military experience to discover a framework that will help you look in the mirror, figure out what's working and what's not. Then you can build on what's working and find ways to address what could be better.

If you'd like to get some focused ideas for how to improve your show

  • Booking Guests
  • Building a Media Kit
  • Producing the Audio (that's me)
  • Using Twitter
  • And a whole lot more

Check out the Christian Podcasters' Summit. I'm working on some giveaways to go with the ticket if you use my affiliate link Things focused on helping you improve the audio quality of your show.

The giveaways aren't ready yet, so I'm not ready to share them. But if you use my link, I'll be sure that you get everything when it's ready.

If you're interested, visit

If you like the show, make sure you subscribe using your favorite podcast app and tell your friends to stop by to do the same.

Thanks again. Now go out there and make a great podcast!