As podcasters, we create experiences for our audience. Today I’m going to share what I took away from my family’s experience with Frozen II.

If you’ve been following for a while, you know that I’m in the middle of a challenge during November. You’ll find links to National Podcast Post Month and David Hooper’s 30 Day Solo Podcast Challenge. However, I’m interrupting that challenge to bring this because I thought it was SO good.

My family went to see Frozen II this evening. For most of us, it was a completely new experience (not just the movie – the WAY we experienced it). And what I took away from it is pretty powerful for us as podcasters.

If we can create a “Frozen 2 at the drive-in kind of experience,” we can create something truly memorable.

Listen to discover:

  • Why we were willing to pay MORE
  • Why we were willing to drive LONGER
  • Why we were willing to pay even MORE to enhance the experience
  • How the movie was only part of the experience
  • How what we REALLY got was worth a somewhat inferior movie experience
  • What it’s important for us to recognize this
  • Why knowing this can both challenge us and also free us up to do our best

How about YOU?

What did you take away for your show? Or what would you like to suggest for this show. Hit me up on Twitter (@TopTierAudio) and let me know.

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