Do you like being rejected?

I don’t. But I know that rejection and even the occasional failure are likely for podcasters (really, for anyone who’s trying to grow and leave the world a better place).

But then comes the question: If I’m likely to be rejected, what can I do about that?

Listen to discover:

  • What I did to help get over that initial fear of rejection
  • How many times I’ve been rejected over the past 6 years as a podcaster
  • What I try to take away from a rejection
  • How I dealt with that one rejection that kind of stung a little

Rejection is often part of life. But if we have a plan, we can come out the other side stronger and keep going.

What about you?

Have you ever been rejected as a podcaster? I’d love to hear your story. Hit me up in the comments (https://toptieraudio.com/77) and let me know. We can all grow together.

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