How to Give Listeners a Single Link to Subscribe to your Podcast for Apple Google and More

PrettyLinks Pro: https://prettylinks.com/?aff=bdentzy (affiliate)

There’s a lot of talk about making your podcast available everywhere and that’s great. But just sending your potential listeners to a menu of options can be overwhelming – especially if they’re not that familiar with podcasts.

In this short video, I’m going to show you how I created a single link to put on my WordPress website’s home page that will automatically send people to the right place so they can get the show delivered to their phones for free without having to make a ton of decisions.

If they’re on an iPhone – Apple Podcasts
If they’re on an Android phone – Google Podcasts
For any other operating system, they get options

Here’s how I did it.

First, I’m running a WordPress website, so I’m going to use a premium plugin called PrettyLinks Pro (affiliate link in the description).
Second, I have the links to my show saved

  • In the admin section of my website, I’m going to navigate to Pretty Links / Add New Link
  • I’m going to select a ’302’ redirect
  • I’ll put in the target URL and the short link I want to use
  • I’ll go to “Pro” options and put in different links by operating system
    • iOS = Apple Podcasts
    • Android = Google Podcasts
    • Windows = Subscribe Page
    • Mac = Subscribe Page
    • Linux = Subscribe Page
  • I’ll save the link and now I have a short link that will automatically take people to the right place.
  • All that’s left is to add a button to my home page, which I’d already done.

Now, you might be asking “What about people who want to subscribe in Overcast or Castro or Podcast Addict or Stitcher?”

 Well, most people who have a favorite podcast app will already know how to find your show and subscribe. And that’s exactly what they will do.

But for those who don’t, you just made it easier for them to subscribe to your show simply because they won’t be overwhelmed by a zillion options when they go to your website.

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