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This should be the first video you watch!

This is the first video you should watch if you're starting to use Hindenburg Journalist (or Journalist Pro) to edit podcasts. This one video could keep you from losing HOURS of work.

If you’re new to Hindenburg Journalist or Journalist Pro, this is the first video you need to watch. While Hindenburg is incredibly powerful and built for spoken word, there’s one feature that could cost you HOURS of work if you use it wrong.

I’m Bryan Entzminger – I’m a podcast host, I record and edit podcasts using Hindenburg Journalist Pro, and I have a Facebook group of other people who use and love Hindenburg. In this short video I’m going to show you ONE powerful feature that can go TOTALLY wrong if you don’t use it right.

I know for a fact that some editors have lost HOURS of work because they didn’t know this one thing that we’re going to learn how to avoid. And I’ll show you how you can avoid having to scrap the whole thing.

What's the issue?

So here’s the thing – when you bring a clip into Hindenburg, it can auto-level the clip to a normalized level, which is great. You can also do it manually using CTRL+L (Windows) or CMD+L (Mac). So if you bring in a clip and you’ve been messing with it, you can re-level it manually.

But if you’ve made a bunch of edits, running a manual Level (CTRL+L) when selecting an entire track or several regions will auto-level them individually. And when you do that, if there are a bunch of cuts, it can make it sound really weird.

Here’s an old episode of my show that has a bunch of cuts. I’m going to select an entire track and manually level it and we’ll see what happens.

Now, with all of those wonky levels, it could be tempting to scrap the whole thing. You could try to undo all of the automated edits but especially if you’ve saved, closed the file, and then reopened it, that might seem impossible. Or it might BE impossible.

So that’s why you don’t want to do it.

But what if you have? Do you have to scrap it all?


Here's how you can fix the manual-level problem

This isn't just a ONE step process but it works. And it might be a LOT easier than trying to undo each clip's level manually using CTRL+Z or CMD+Z.

So her's what to do:

  1. Select all the clips you want to fix
  2. Hover over the clip gain line
  3. Double-click the line (this resets all of the selected clip gains to zero dB – the original imported level before any leveling)
  4. Solo the track (Click “S” on the left side of the track)
  5. Export just that track (ideally with no normalization)
  6. Create a NEW track
  7. Bring the exported file in and allow it to auto-level as a unit

By doing this, you'll have an edited track that has a consistent level that's been auto-leveled back to an acceptable LUFS level when you brought it back into Hindenburg.

What we talked about

So, we’ve talked about the ONE thing you NEVER want to do in Hindenburg Journalist. We also talked about how to reset all clip levels to zero (gain) in Hindenburg and export if there are too many regions to undo manually.

If you found this video useful, be sure to give it a thumbs-up and subscribe so you don’t miss any new videos and be sure to share it with somebody else.

Until next time I’m Bryan Entzminger. Let’s be safe with Hindenburg.

And let me know what questions you have about Hindenburg Journalist (or Journalist Pro).

Leave them in the comments and we'll see what we can do to answer your questions!

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