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Want to get faster editing audio for your podcast? Learn some shortcuts! In this quick video, we’re going to cover 3 ways to quickly select sections of audio in Hindenburg Journalist Pro.

I’m Bryan Entzminger – I’m a podcast host, I record and edit podcasts using Hindenburg Journalist Pro, and I have a Facebook group of other people who use and love Hindenburg.

Here’s the deal – if you’re editing a podcast, you’re going to select a lot audio segments. Any time you can save by learning shortcuts will only help you get faster.

In Hindenburg, there are several ways you can do this.

1. Selecting with the mouse
2. Documented keyboard shortcuts
3. Undocumented keyboard shortcuts

First – selecting with the mouse or trackpad – this is probably the one you’re familiar with. Simply select the range you’re interested in and go.

Second, the documented keyboard shortcuts (CMD+1, CMD+2). Put the playhead where you want to place the beginning and push CTRL+1 / CMD+1, then move to the end and push CTRL+2 / CMD+2

Finally, the one you won’t find anywhere that I actually prefer.

And a bonus – don’t like exactly where the in/out markers are – simply grab the triangle at the marker and move it.

Once selected, you can do whatever editing functions you wanted to do – copy, paste, delete, move, etc.

That’s just one way you can speed up your editing workflow in Hindenburg Journalist or Journalist Pro. If you use Hindenburg Journalist or would like to know more about it, join our Facebook group at

If you have a podcast and you want help with production – recording and editing, visit

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Until next time I’m Bryan Entzminger. Let’s speed up our editing in Hindenburg.

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