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Hindenburg offers a really intuitive way to create simple fades. It’s as simple as click and drag. But if you want to customize the fade, it’s not quite as simple.

Watch this short video to discover how to quickly create custom fades in and out using Hindenburg Journalist or Journalist Pro.

It’s as simple as 

  1. Select a region just outside of where the fade needs to happen (this will become the last part of the fade)
  2. Click on the handle outside of that selection and drag the entire region down to create that half of the custom fade
  3. Grab the corner handle at the end of the region and drag it to meet the point at the end of the fade
  4. Adjust the fade to get the slope you’re looking for.

This basic methodology can work for a fade in, a fade out, and even for fades within longer regions.

What I use to make videos
Electro Voice RE320:
Auray SSM BC10 Shock Mount:
Auray BAI2X Mic Boom Arm:
Audio Technica AT875R:
Sound Devices MixPre-3:
iZotope RXy Advanced:
iZotope Ozone 7:
Edmunds Portable Light:

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