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It's been a little while since I've let you know what's going on with the Hindenburg Journalist free webinar I've been working on. I'd hoped to be ready to go weeks ago but here's what's going on.

I'm reworking the webinar

  • I've been working with a course designer named Jessica Moody to help me build a high quality webinar. She's provided an invaluable framework for me to use. But when I sent her the initial presentation I'd built, she told me it was WAY too much and would be overwhelming.
  • I've been working with a few people one-on-one and discovered that Jessica is quite right. I had planned to cover too much information and some of the ways I'd structured things were confusing.

This, of course, is GREAT feedback to get BEFORE I offer the webinar because it's MUCH easier to delay so that I can go back and get things right. Otherwise, I might end up making you feel less comfortable with Hindenburg, which is the exact opposite of my goal.

I'm recording individual videos for each part of the modules

One of the suggestions that Jessica had was that I record each of the modules individually, as though this was a paid course designed to be delivered in individual videos. So I've started doing that as well.

As I've been recording the videos, I've discovered some additional places where things don't flow well and other places where it might be confusing or counterproductive, so I'll need to go back and fix those.

I've also discovered that I am able to mispronounce the word “split” as “spit” in 4 different takes on the same video. Not something I'd expected to learn about myself.

Thanks for your patience

I, like you, had hoped this webinar would be ready to go sooner than it will be but I believe it will be better because of the wait. Thanks so much for your patience.

And while you're waiting, feel free to connect with me and other Hindenburg users in our Facebook group.