How to swap audio files in Hindenburg

You're made a bunch of edits and realize that you need to fix something in the raw audio file. Maybe this has happened to you before and you've already lost a bunch of edits to fix something.

How a stereo plug ruined a podcast episode – 1KP0093

Have you ever had a weird audio issue with your podcast that just didn’t make sense. Today I’m sharing the long-overdue follow-up to a podcaster’s question about why an episode sounded fine on headphones but not through the phone speaker.

How to Remove In & Out Points in Hindenburg

Have you ever been editing and realized that you’re accidentally editing the wrong section? Today I’m going to answer a question about that and share some different ways to approach it.

What do the best podcast editors do?- 1KP0053

There’s a lot of confusion about what podcast editors do – and rightly so. Listen or watch to discover what the best podcast editors do – and it’s more than just cutting dialog.

Do this to save half of your export time in Hindenburg – 1KP0052

If you’re editing your podcast or production in Hindenburg, you might have noticed that it can take quite some time to export or publish - especially if it’s a complex production with a lot of effects where you need to match a loudness standard. Listen or watch to...


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